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Having entertained his way across 7-continents and hundreds of countries, performer, teaching artist, mentor, and director Morie Williams is a respected and versatile triple threat talent in his community.

With a passion for the performing arts, and getting it right Morie brings energy and charisma to every stage, creating experiences that find their way into the hearts of spectators.

Morie extends the magic beyond performances. One of his biggest joys is nurturing the next generation of talent. His commitment to education thrives through T3 Triple Threat Youth Mentors (T3), a non-profit organization he founded to foster creativity and confidence guiding youth on a transformative journey in the world of performing arts.

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Thanks for stopping by! Whether you’re looking to take a class or teach I’m excited to welcome you. Now let’s have some fun!

T3 Tap Class

Because life just feels better when you're tap dancing. Starting with the basics we progress accordingly.


Your hub for premium tap dance video learning material.

Musical Theatre Summer Camps

Musical Theatre Camps provide a conservatory- style training session immersing students in voice, dance and acting classes, culminating with a showcase.

ADULT musical theatre

Theatre dance is a blend of all all styles such as jazz, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, tap, ballroom, and disco. These technical styles are woven together creating choreography one would typically see on a Broadway stage.


Singing lessons for all ages and skill levels. Instructors use a combination of technical exercises, performance techniques, and individualized feedback to help students develop their vocal range, control, and expression.


Both young people and adults are invited to unleash their inner chef and elevate their cooking skills in our cooking classes. Discover the joys of culinary art, learn essential techniques, and connect with fellow food enthusiasts.

Eat for the arts

“EAT FOR THE ARTS“ are a series of community-centric events presented to help raise funds and awareness for T3 Triple Threat and the work we do in partnership with the City of San Diego City Parks and Recreation Department.


Barre is an open level stretch and strengthening workout focusing on technique.

youth Musical Theatre Development

In partnership with the City of San Diego, we provide conservatory-style training immersing students in voice, dance, and acting classes, culminating with a showcase.

T3 Design studio

Need a custom website or help with your IT, let us help.

What People Are Saying About Me

“Morie brought a style that was unique to our studio and helped mold me during my early and formative years. Not only in dance technique but also in approach. He taught his classes through example, by being uplifting and positive, even when the times were bleak or felt overwhelming.”

“Morie always encouraged us to do our best, believed in us and saw our potential to achieve. Thanks to his support I felt comfortable exploring new things and accomplishing what I never thought I could.”

“Morie, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work, commitment, and dedication to these girls. Renata went from being very sedentary to wanting to eat healthier and losing 2 pounds just from dancing so much and training with you. We have defiantly noticed a change for the better in her self-esteem and she is anxious to keep learning more with you”

“I am a single parent just moving to San Diego, California and T3 Triple Threat has been a lifesaver. My daughter wants to pursue her dream of performing and was able to get all of that out of this totally affordable program that offered singing, dancing, acting, and a way to keep my child’s dream alive! I can’t thank you enough Camp Broadway you’ve made a young girl’s dream come true on such a professional platform“

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A versatile baritone, comfortable with R&B, POP-ROCK, Musical Theatre and Jazz. Able to hold down lead vocals, or fill in strong harmonizing skills. Range A2 - G4.


A versatile baritone, comfortable with R&B, POP-ROCK, Musical Theatre and Jazz. Able to hold down lead vocals, or fill in strong harmonizing skills. Range A2 - G4.


With acting for stage and film experience, I’d love to help tell your next story.


Want to find out how you can help? We are continuously working to gain the support of local leaders and philanthropists seeking to support initiatives that provide long-term solutions, by enabling the less fortunate to seize opportunities through arts-related activities. Together we can do great things.